Friday, September 17, 2010

Panasonic Toughbook reaches India

Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific has introduced five new models of the hard-as-nails laptops, namely CF-S9, CF-F9, CF-C1, CF-19, CF-31. The fully-ruggedized Toughbooks are also water resistant which can withstand up to 0.2 litres of water.

The models, CF-19 and CF-31, run on Windows 7 Professional which is faster and has a more secure remote connection capability. They are equipped with Turbo Boost Technology and shock mounted flex connect hard drive with quick release.

According to William See, General Manager, Toughbook Asia Group, "Toughbooks have been suitably designed across various industry verticals. While on the move, users will benefit from a combination of great performance, easy remote access and security without sacrificing battery life."

It offers optional Gobi2000 and WiMAX which improve the mobile connectivity experience for the customers by providing coverage wherever they are deployed.

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