Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SEO is no longer just adding keywords

SEO is no longer just adding keywords in the title tag and getting links from cheap directories. Yes we all know that but many business owners don’t. Today SEO is:
  1. Micro data and schema
  2. Authorship
  3. Twitter Cards
  4. Open Graph protocol
  5. Social Media (Facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube)
  6. Content development and marketing
  7. Local Search
  8. Co-Citations and co-occurrence
  9. Microsoft Excel
  10. SEO Tools
  11. Analytics (from data collection to interpretation and reporting)
  12. REGEX
  13. Data Scraping
  14. Fixing/avoiding Google penalties.
  15. Reading blog posts 24/7 to keep up to date with the ever changing Search Engine Landscape.
  16. And the list is virtually endless to be honest